Modifications to 92GTA's 1992 Trans Am GTA:


140mph/8,000rpm/80psi Instrument Cluster Upgrade (swapped in factory odo for correct mileage)
MSD Superconductor 8.5mm Grey 90* plug wires
Hypertech 4055 E-Core Ignition Coil, 53,000volts
195F* Degree Stant Thermostat (For emissions, usually run a 180F*)
TPiS Bored 52mm Throttle Body w/SLP AirFoil
SLP Cold Air Kit (Relocation of Carbon canister using SLP kit)
SLP TPI Intake Runners
Flowtech shorty 4-into-1, 1.5" with 2.5" collectors. Matching Y-Pipe (Replaced SLP 1 5/8" Tri-Y Headers)
Catco 3" High Flow Cat. Converter
SLP 3" Cat-Back Exhaust System, 2 On the Left exit (2OTL)
Accel High Flow TPI Base Manifold
Bosch III 30lb\hr Injectors (TPI modified)
Holley Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - Set to stock spec
Walbro GSS340M Intank 255LPH Fuel Pump
3-Wire Heated Denso Oxygen Sensor P/N 234-3094, w/TPI Parts WIR-700 Wiring Adapter
Custom DIY PROM based on original AXXF, SLP AXXF, and S_AUJP v3 bins
**I have 3 tunes; CA Smog, max MPG w/Highway mode, and Performance**
CarQuest/Nippi-Denso LT4 hi-torque mini-starter


Zexel-Torsen Posi w/3.42 Gears (From an '02 Camaro SS)
Tru-Cool Transmission Oil Cooler, 18,000 GVW
Heavy Duty Flexplate (Not TCI, B&M, or Hughes)
Pro-Built 4L60 Transmission featuring the following:
ACT 2400 RPM Stall Converter w/Lock-Up (Custom for my cars exact specs)
Corvette Servo and Housing
3-4th Gear Up-Shift Valve Mod (Ability for WOT in 4th)
GM HD Sunshell
Hi-Energy Borg-Warner Clutches and Bands
TransGo Recalibration Kit
Chevrolet S10 Pickup Shift Governor


Spohn Tubular Sub-Frame Connectors (Welded)
Spohn Tubular Steering Brace (Wonder Bar)
Spohn Tubular K-Member, Mild Steel
Spohn Tubular A-Arms, Mild Steel
Spohn Front Sway Bar, Solid 1-5/16" 4140 Chrome Moly
Spohn Rear Sway Bar, Solid 22mm 4140 Chrome Moly - NOT installed, I think the factory WS6 rear is better
Spohn Tubular Adjustable Torque Arm w/Trans Mount Crossmember & Poly Trans Mount, Mild Steel
Spohn Tubular Adjustable Panhard Bar w/Poly Bushings, Black, Mild Steel
Spohn Rear Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets
Spohn Tubular Rear Lower Control Arms, Mild Steel
Spohn/Moog Front End Rebuild Kit (Centerlink, Inner Tie Rod Ends, Outter Tie Rod Ends, Lower Ball Joints, Adjusting Sleeves)
Kenny Brown 1-piece 3-pt Strut Tower Brace w/Custom Spacer (needed to clear SLP runners)
Earl's Hyperfirm Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
Slotted and cross-drilled brake rotors
Hawk Ceramic Pads
Eibach Pro Kit w/GM Spring Isolators
KYB GR-2 Shocks and Struts


Pioneer DEH-P77DH head unit, used an adapter, no wires cut.
**I have a refurbished factory CD player to install as part of my interior restoration**
Pioneer TS-G4642R 4x6s and Pioneer TS-A6962R 6x9s.
I have the working factory speakers in storage. I used adapters and did not cut a single factory connection.

Miscellaneous other upgrades:

Locking header bolts
Dead soft aluminum header gaskets
New front windshield
TDS solutions door hinges, installed by TDS
Rebuilt both headlight motors, done by TDS
New GM radiator
New GM AC condensor
Rebuild GM AC compressor
New A/C O-rings
New GM Receiver/dryer and orifice tube
CryoSeal/TuneAir Kit & McCool R-414A

Planned immediate future upgrades:

17"x9.5" Gold crosslace reproduction wheels
Toyo Proxes R888 tires - 275/40ZR17 (pre heat cycled)
Trick Flow Super 23 175 Cylinder Heads
Custom camshaft (designed for a ProCharger)- 223/232, 509/530, 114.4
Crower Hydraulic Roller Lifters
Crower Aluminum Rocker Arms
TPiS Large Tube Runner Gaskets
Spohn bumpsteer kit
Spohn clamp-on steering stops
Spohn idler arm
1996 Astro van steering shaft with isolator and bearing
Alston sub-frame connectors (welded in)
Replace all cotter pins with safety wire

Planned more long-term future upgrades:

ProCharger F1
Dual 3-core intercoolers
Cog belt
TTA Tachometer

Here is a dyno sheet for my car I did as a base when it had JUST the SLP package installed before doing ANY of my other mods or even custom tuning. When I did this my car had about 115,000 miles. This is actual rear wheel: 199RWHP@4690RPM and 261RWTQ@4000RPM. Admittedly the TQ on a TPI engine peaks around 3200RPM stock and about 3500-3600RPM with the SLP package, but the dyno tech had me start the run at a higher RPM (4000RPM) when my TQ was already way on the decline. I would estimate back then I should have been around 300ft/lbs TQ at about 3600RPM at the rear wheel. Not bad for a little 305.

After rebuilding my engine I'll do another dyno with the new heads/cam after I tune it. Then another after the ProCharger is installed and tuned correctly.